Our Story


Shannon Hardware has a history, and although our story is over 140 years old, it still shapes who we are and where we’re going every day.
Shannon Hardware opened in 1870 under the name The Anchor Store. Then, in 1872, Thomas Shannon founded what we know today as Shannon Hardware.


Over the years, his marine supply company and tinsmith shop had evolved to something much greater.

It became a valuable family heirloom, passed down from father to son for five generations.


Today, Shannon Hardware is operating in four locations: Morgan City, Broussard, Houma and Sulphur, Louisiana

and employs nearly 100 people.


We specialize in hand and power tools, rope, chain and fittings, plumbing and electrical supplies and various supplies

for the industrial and marine markets. We’re proud to maintain staggering inventories in over 120,000 square-feet of showroom

and warehouse space.


While we deliver most of the products we sell to the job site, we believe in maintaining large showrooms to

accommodate our walk-in customers. Customer service and attention to detail are our most important values.


Drawing of the original Shannon Hardware Company in Morgan City, LA circa 1872

At Shannon Hardware, we understand the value of staying power. We've been in business for more than 144 years. We saw America through wars, depressions and a new millennium.
Our staying power is founded in our unmatched longevity and our reputation for being dependable. Like our legacy, we are committed to providing the hardware and services that extended across generations.

We could not be more proud of where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. 
Serving the oil & marine industries since 1872, we are Shannon Hardware

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